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Estate and Probate

Here is what to do if you have a death in the family in the State of New Jersey and you need to disperse property if a decedent dies with a Will.

  1. Contact the Surrogate Court and set up an appointment. The Main Number for the Morris County Surrogate Court is (973)-285-6500.
  2. Fill out the petition. (See link for Probate Form A.)
  3. Bring an original death certificate and an original of the Will to Surrogate’s Court, if you have one.
  4. Bring a check to pay up to a $200.00 fee based upon the size of the Estate.
  5. If there is no Will, you will use Probate Form B.

    (See link for Probate Form B.)

Letters Testamentary - Managing The Decedent’s Assets

Once you have probated the Will, the Surrogate will send you Letters Testamentary. I suggest you order five (5) letters. These letters allow you to open an Estate Bank Account, marshal assets; sell property; and confer with creditors. It is suggested, but not mandatory, that a lawyer is utilized to assist in this unfortunate function necessary to disburse the decedents Estate to named beneficiaries in the Will.

The above information is for a simple matter. Of course, there are instances where a simple filing is not applicable. You will need a seasoned attorney such as myself to advocate for the interests of you or a family member.
The Law Offices of Joseph D. Sullivan Esq. offers a free consultations and an AARP discount. Feel free to contact my office as needed to schedule an appointment.

For some initial guidance, you may also find helpful information on the website for the Morris County Surrogate Court at: